Tama Tonga’s new role in Bullet Club : Can he become « another Karl Anderson » ?

Tama Tonga, the bad boy as we know him, has been a mainstay in Bullet Club since the beginning. With Jay White recently joining and most likely be the man who will represent the faction in the main event scene going forward, let’s see what role Tama Tonga will now fill, and why it is a role similar to Karl Anderson’s, when AJ Styles was the main figure of Bullet Club.

First things first. If you don’t know, Karl Anderson was kind of like the second of Bullet Club. The man who would usually take the microphone, announce his stablemates and make promos to glorify them and the faction in general, being “the voice” of the faction. Since the departure of the Machine Gun, Bullet Club has kind of lacked this figure, but now, with Tama Tonga, there is a now an opportunity to get that figure back.

Tama has already taken that role, as he was the one to introduce Taiji Ishimori as the new Bone Soldier. Just like Karl Anderson introduced Kenny Omega when he joined Bullet Club.

 Tama, if you ask me, has almost all the tools to fulfill that role. He obviously has the mic skills to do all of that specific job Karl used to do. Now, the interesting part is the in-ring part. Karl has been, as a singles wrestler, a G1 finalist and challenged Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental championship. He proved he was able to hang with some of the best in New Japan. That is a necessity if you actually become the second of Bullet Club. So, with that in mind, we know Tama Tonga is not one of the best in-ring guys in New Japan, but he has good abilities, so we can definitely expect some sort of push in the future for him.

New Japan cup finalist ? Winner ? Around 10 points  in the G1 ? Who knows, but we can be sure of one thing, we will see way more of Tama Tonga around the higher ranks of New Japan, not on a regular basis though. The guy will never be an actual main eventer, and is still mainly a tag team wrestler.

 We still have to wait and see if Tama can live up to the new expectations he might be facing, and whether he does or not, how he transpires in his new role.

Now, tell me, do you see Tama Tonga evolving into the figure Karl Anderson was ? After inheriting from Karl’s finisher, will he inherit of his role as well ?

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