Why you should expect a Bullet Club dominance at G1 Supercard

As of today, the G1 Supercard event in Madison Square Garden is nowhere near from having a full card, which should be corrected by the end of the New Japan Cup. We can already assume by the importance of the event, that big and meaningful things will happen on that night. Therefore, let me tell you this : Bullet Club will fully rise back to prominence at Madison Square Garden, and here is why.

Bullet Club going back to the top in the Garden ? Yes, absolutely. There are two big reasons, which are related to each other, in my mind as of why Bullet Club will indeed be the dominant faction coming into G1 Supercard, and likely leaving as such, too.

The first one being that the group has the potential to make history on April 6th. The IWGP Heavyweight champion Jay White will be facing the winner of the New Japan Cup. The Guerillas of Destiny Loa will face the Briscoe Brothers for both the IWGP Heavyweight and ROH World Tag Team championship. Taiji Ishimori will likely defend his IWGP Jr Championship as well. That already makes three championship highly featured championship matches where Bullet Club is involved. Will Ospreay could even find himself defending the NEVER Openweight Championship against Bad Luck Fale, if he loses to the big man in the New Japan Cup.
All three of the matches that we know will happen have a big match feel to it. Obviously, Jay White being IWGP Heavyweight champion, he’s likely to face one of New Japan’s big names, and whether it is Okada, Ibushi, Naito or anyone else, retaining the championship on such a big stage would be historic. What will also be historic is the Tag Team championships match, as whoever leaves as champions will be the first team to hold the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team and ROH World Tag Team championships at the same time. Lastly, with Hiromu Takahashi being close to returning, having him face Ishimori for the title, as the two best Jr Heavyweights in New Japan makes sense, again because of the stage it would be happening in.

The second and probably the most important reason, and I’ve been touching it as I mentioned the big stage that is Madison Square Garden, is New Japan’s expansion in the west. Bullet Club as it is, even with the Elite now gone, is still a very popular group outside of Japan. With that in mind, it is logical for New Japan, as they are currently rebuilding the group as a strong and stable unit, to have them be at the front of New Japan’s biggest US event to date, and with GoD potentially winning the ROH World Tag Team championships, which would ultimately mean more Bullet Club in Ring of Honor as well.
It was already easy to guess that the G1 Supercard event would be an important step in the company’s expansion, but no one really knew or could guess how New Japan would make it important, until very recently. 
We have witnessed Bullet Club’s fall throughout 2018, be prepared to witness the faction’s return to stability and dominance, as for the last few years, the group was either lacking one or the other.

One thing I have to add about this though, is that, just like Jay White is main event experiment, the Bullet Club he is leading is one as well. If the goal is indeed to keep riding the Bullet Club wave to grow outside of Japan, we can’t forget that the group has lost key members of the beginning of the expanding process, in the members of the Elite.

Betting on a faction you are currently building back to being dominant can be risky, but luckily for New Japan, Bullet Club is not the only tool to use to keep expanding. Do you think the Switchblade and his group will leave MSG with all the gold ? Do you think New Japan should maintain Bullet Club at the front of their expansion ?

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