What if Momo Watanabe went to SEAdLINNNG ?

Ladies and gentlemen, today, we are once again walking the path of fantasy booking… Sort of. Today, I take you on a trip, in an alternate (or not so alternate ?) future where Momo Watanabe gets to work in Nanae Takahashi’s SEAdLINNNG.
For which purpose ? Stay right there, you will find out !

If you have been following Stardom for the past two to three years, there is one thing you may have noticed : The leader of Queens Quest, Momo Watanabe, hasn’t been on the most successful of paths ever since losing the Wonder of Stardom championship to Arisa Hoshiki. Since then, without truly falling down the hierarchy, Watanabe has had her fair share of difficulties finding tangible success, with her biggest achievement coming last fall, when her team with fellow QQ member AZM, MOMOAZ, won the 10th Goddesses of Stardom Tag League. Yet, that tournament victory couldn’t be transformed into a second tag titles run, as fellow stablemates Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani retained the belts in the following title match.
With the 5STAR Grand Prix season coming up in just a few days, this next tournament looks like a potential first step for Momo to, slowly but surely, find her way back to the top of Stardom. With that said, whatever may happen during the GP, let’s move forward to it, post-Goddesses of Stardom tag league even, and say Momo Watanabe goes to work in SEAdLINNNG for the majority of the following months.

Why SEAdLINNNG ? Let me explain.

Back during the 2020 Year End Climax, both Nanae Takahashi and Yoshiko made their shocking return to Stardom, starting a conflict which would last all the way until the big Stardom show in Budokan the following March. In that span, one of the two prominent Stardom x SEAdLINNNG feuds was Momo Watanabe vs Nanae Takahashi. The two women clashed twice, once in a tag match in SEAdLINNNG also featuring Arisa Nakajima and Saya Iida (watch this match, or watch it again, it’s one of the best of 2021 to this day). The other time, of course, was in Budokan, when Momo faced off against Nanae once again. Here, Momo ended up losing to the legendary veteran in an intense 10 minutes bout.

A Queen’s Quest : Finally surpassing your elder

The date is March 8th 2015. On that day, a teenager Momo Watanabe, only a few months since her debut, wrestled Nanae Takahashi, in what would end up being her very last match as a Stardom wrestler. In this match, Momo shows a lot of fire, as you would expect from a rookie facing a veteran, trying to prove her worth. Nanae puts the youngster away in 10 minutes, after Momo did put up a good fight, showing flashes of brilliance here and there (go hunt this match down, it is worth your time).
Close to six years later, almost to the date, the two crossed paths again. Besides the loss, this time Momo truly managed to bring the fight to Nanae, coming quite close to get the victory.

This second loss sets up Momo’s main goal during her temporary SEAdLINNNG run : Defeating, and thus surpassing Nanae Takahashi once and for all. With basically no direction at this point in time in Stardom, why not use the recently rebuilt bridge between Rossy Ogawa and Nanae Takahashi to provide closure to a story, 6+ years in the making ?
Momo has barely ever stepped outside of Stardom during her career, so let’s take this opportunity presented on a silver platter to let her do something a little different, which would also be very meaningful.

The way you shape this story up isn’t what matters the most here, only its obvious endgoal : A third singles match between Momo and Nanae, culminating with the now fully grown Momo taking down the legendary veteran in her home turf.
None of this, of course, excluses the possibility of holding matches against the likes of Arisa Nakajima, Yoshiko, ASUKA, Ryo Mizunami and more along the way.

Now then, the true goal of such a program wouldn’t just be to provide closure to this both historical and interpromotional feud. Looking at the bigger picture, this is the program which sets up Momo back on the right track to find singles success in Stardom once again. This is the momentum booster which allows her, possibly in time for the 2022 5STAR Grand Prix, to be ready to claim the World of Stardom championship, and finally take her rightful place as the Ace of Stardom.

On that note, this is where this rather short article comes to an end. What do you think ? Would you like to see Momo Watanabe spend a couple of months in SEAdLINNNG, as a way to set her back on the winning path before a triumphant return to Stardom ?

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